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Custom-made produced by "Vtuber Collection Monthly" unique system.

For individuals who want to start their own Vtuber.

We recommend this custom-made Live2D model.




【Earliest delivery】

1 week~

It depends on the schedule and the content of the revision.


【Flow of delivery】

Request → Hearing → Payment → Character design → Modeling → Delivery


【Payment Method】

・Credit card

Let's "Made to Order"!

I want to be a Vtuber and I need a Live2D model. How do I make a request?

Send a message to the CREATOR TEAM STOCK via "Made to Order" form, nizima, X(Twitter) DM, etc.

We'll check if "Vtuber Collection Monthly" can produce the product, the schedule, and the payment method. If there are no problems, the contract is concluded.

After all, it's better to have an idea of what the design should look like, right?

It would be appreciated if you have a solid idea, but you can also design from a rough idea. Please note that this may take a little time.


(協力 リオフェル.exe様)

Even when designing from the client's illustration, as in this image, we will create an attractive design that retains the original atmosphere.

But wouldn't a custom-made Live2D model cost more money and time?

"Vtuber Collection Monthly" unique system allows us to produce efficiently with stable quality. That's why we can offer this price and turnaround time.

It's the result of the efforts of the CREATOR TEAM STOCK.

Tell us about "Vtuber Collection Monthly" unique system!

How do you efficiently create Live2D models?

Simply put, we create and use templates.

As shown in the image, I added illustration parts to the "Body Model" to create a Live2D model.

This makes it possible to produce efficiently and without compromising quality.
Various models can be created using the "Body Model" pattern.

Please contact us if you have any questions or concerns.


【Supported Languages】


・English(Google Translate)

List of "Made to Order" Achievements

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