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​Character List

クリエイターチーム STOCK が
Vtuber 界隈をさらに盛り上げていくために
毎月安価で多様な Live2D モデルを販売しています。
まだ Live2D モデルに触れたことのない方が「月刊 V コレ」を通して、この界隈を一緒に盛り上げていただけたら嬉しいです。

We are selling a variety of inexpensive Live2D models every month in order to further promote the Vtuber world.
We hope that those who have not yet experienced Live2D models will join us in making this area more exciting through the "Vtuber Collection Monthly".


Custom-made produced by "Vtuber Collection Monthly" unique system.

For individuals who want to start their own Vtuber.

We recommend this custom-made Live2D model.

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